1. Introduction

Lumitec Ltd. is a contract manufacturing of electronics based in Thailand. As a company we believe that success is only within reach when we meet or exceed our customer expectation by providing industry leading quality products, manufactured in a professional and flexible environment, on time and at the right cost.

Lumitec Ltd. has been nearly twenty years manufacturing for the electronics industry. In these years of existence our primary concern has been to help our customers reducing production costs and time to market. By establishing strong partnership relations we are able to support our customers in all phases of their projects with expertise and experience that will increase their competitiveness.

Lumitec Ltd. has a varied customer base, among them international OEMs and small electronics producers specialized in sophisticated devices. Every day we push ourselves to deeply understand the needs of our customers which are constantly changing to match with the swifts in the market and which differ also depending on the segment of the market in which they are active. This has forced us to be adaptive and efficient in order to deal with the different requirements desired by our customers. Since our foundation we have adopted a non rigid way of operating to be able to react fast to any change needed in our production lines, this fact has been proven time after time by our customers and that is why we are referred to as a flexible contract manufacturer.

Lumitec Ltd. will always provide the best technology available to complete your needs.