3. Services

Lumitec Ltd. has been in the business of contract manufacturing of electronics since the beginning of the 90´s. With nearly 20 years of existence the company has gained much expertise in all activities involved in manufacturing electronics. Lumitec Ltd. offers a broad range of services which start in the phases prior to production and end even after the final product has been sold.


  • Lead Free Soldering for SMT and Wave Soldering
  • Complex Systems Integration
  • Boxbuild
  • SMT: Surface Mount Technology (Capacity: 14 million points per week, Chip size: 0603, fine pitch)
  • Flexible Printed Circuit Assembly and Test
  • Printed Circuit Assembly and Test
  • Ball Grid Array (BGA) Assembly/Micro BGA
  • Manual insertion
  • Plastic/ceramic BGAs
  • Chip on Flex
  • PCMCIA type II
  • AOI: Automatic Optical Inspection
  • Chemical Compound Encapsulation and Conformal Coating
  • Complete Turn Key Boxbuild
  • Top Level Assembly
  • Pre-production and Volume production


  • DMF, DFT
  • DMF for SMT and through hole
  • ICT and FCT engineering
  • Full test solutions
  • Technology and Product Assurance
  • Failure analysis


  • Design for manufacturability and testability
  • Fixture and Pallet Design as needed
  • Design for Excellence (DFx)


  • Burn-in facility
  • Configuration validity test
  • Customs BIOS setting
  • ICT fixture fabrication
  • AOI
  • ICT: In-Circuit Testing
  • FCT: Functional Testing
  • Static Burn in Testing

Component purchasing

  • Global procurement of materials and components

After sales services

Our approach to after-market service spans all elements of reverse logistics.

  • Returns
  • Repair
  • Remanufacturing
  • Refurbishment
  • Rekitting
  • Recovery
  • Recycling
  • Robust failure analysis so continuous improvements can be reflected in next-generation products.